Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Thank You Cards - Fast, Faster and Fastest

Hi Folks! I'm back with another set of cards from Catherine Pooler's Holiday Wrap-Up Bundle. These cards all feature the Still Smiling set which is filled with sweet thank you sentiments, especially useful after the holidays. Even the name of the set is endearing ... "still smiling" after receiving your gift. Aww.

Lately I've been into using as many words as possible on a card to construct a sentiment that is more robust than our typical "thank you". I think it's a little more impactful to the recipient. Here I have four different sentiments, in different inks (colors to be released in January). The tiny snowflake and Christmas tree stamps fill in between the sentiments. I construct this kind of card much like a embroidery sampler where you combine several smaller items to make one big composition.

I really like this card, but have to admit the stamping did take me about a half hour to get everything lined up and situated the way I wanted. Practically, that doesn't match with how I use thank you cards. If I don't have what I need on hand, I'm usually in a rush, and just need something quick. So I came up with a few other versions. They all use the same main Thank You sentiment separated by a bright pink star.

Fast, Faster and Fastest.
This one is stamped on a panel, with masked lines made by blending inks in between sticky notes. And a brightly patterned paper for the base.

Fast: 10 minutes

This one skips the ink blending entirely and just uses the sentiment stamped on a panel. It's mounted on two patterned papers. 

Faster: 5 minutes

This one is just the stamped panel. I think having the pink star in between the Thank You is enough of a design element to allow it to stand on its own. And great for Christmas since you have the green and red/pink combo. This would be an ideal candidate for mass producing!

Fastest: 2-3 minutes
Here is the Still Smiling set, on the left, in the Holiday Wrap-Up Bundle. Don't forget, orders by December 19th will ship in time for Christmas!
 Thanks so much for looking!


  1. Terrific cards Kelly!! There's all so cute!

  2. I love the idea of building up the sentiments, Kelly. I just never think to do it when I'm making a card. All of these are wonderful.

  3. Great set of cards! I love how you combined all the sentiments on the first one!

  4. So funny to see what you meant by fast, faster, and fastest! Your sentiments and images really do look like a needlepoint sampler - I love your idea!


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