Monday, March 27, 2017

Concord & 9th - Shiny Objects Syndrome (SOS) Leads to a Product I Haven't Used in Fifteen Years!

Hi folks! I finally figured out what I have ... Shiny Objects Syndrome (SOS) - the tendency to get distracted by new (shiny) things. This terminology has been recently coined in the internet marketing world, but I believe it also applies directly to my crafting. If I have an idea for a card, even while I'm in the middle of making another card, I'll toss everything aside to try out the new idea. It also applies literally ... I love things that shine!

With that in mind, today's projects are all very simple, and have only two things: 1) a card-sized sentiment, and 2) SHINE.

These cards all use the wonderfully large sentiments from Concord & 9th called Fill-in Phrases. They are meant to coordinate with the Fill-in Phrases bundle that also includes patterned paper and stencils, but you can absolutely use the phrases on their own, as you will see here.

This card has the sentiment embossed in white on watercolor paper, and then washed with watercolor on top. Rainbow watercolor : ) I've added some shine to the yellow area with Pearl Ex, which you'll see in more detail on the black cards below.

This card couldn't be more easy. It's almost embarrassing to post. But, there is a lot of value in simple, strong design. Bold, scripty sentiments are so on trend now across the paper crafts arena and beyond. Embossing this sentiment in shiny gold is all you really need for an effective card. I don't normally use blues as a background, but I chose it to support the missing you sentiment.

This card was also very simple to make. I was inspired by this video from the wonderfully talented Amy Rysavy from Prarie Paper and Ink who used Perfect Pearls to bring gold shine to her project.

Instead of gold pigment ink I just used Versamark ink to stamp the sentiment. I didn't have any Perfect Pearls, but, since I recently did an exhaustive purge through my entire craft room, I recalled a box of Pearl Ex that I considered getting rid of because I had it for FIFTEEN YEARS and I'm not sure if it ever got used. Yay for using old items! Yay for them turning out to be incredibly cool! I brushed this magic powder over the stamped versamark and then ...

... simply wiped it away with a swiffer cloth, like Amy suggested. Oh my goodness, it really worked!! This is the first time I tried this, and as you can see above, I was a little heavy handed with the swiffer wipe and took some of the powder off. You don't have to scrub it! Just a light, easy, cleaning is all this needs.

I love the different colors this medium comes in. You could certainly make it all one color, but I was having fun combining them for a gradient effect.

And here's a small video showing the shine in real life. I will definitely be using these long-neglected powders more often!

I have a few more posts over the next couple days with more goodies from Concord & 9th so be sure to stop back. Thanks so much!


The products featured in this post can be found through the following affiliate links:

Fill-In Phrases Stamp Set


  1. Love the variety Kelly, they're all so pretty!

  2. I have a very old set of perfect pearls in my stash that have been neglected too Kelly - youve inspired me to revisit them - I love all the sparkle and shine on your cards!

  3. These are all fabulous, Kelly ... such high impact and hugely stylish ... you made those bold sentiments really shine (tee-hee!)! Hugs, Anita :)

  4. Three great ways to use those beautiful sentiments, Kelly! So fun that you brought an old product back out of retirement - or at least out of the back of the drawer!

  5. I love a BOLD and colorful and shiny sediment, Kelly, and you have given us tons of awesome examples for bookmarking! I'm glad you had a case of SOS so you could share all these with us! I think most of us have a box of Perfect Pearls and/or Twinkling H2Os in our stashes ... now where are mine ...? Hugs, Darnell

  6. Kelly, I have the same box of Pearl Ex in my stash, LOL! I guess that was huge 15 yrs ago...thanks for giving me a reason to pull it out!

    1. Hilarious, Laura! I hope you take it for a spin sometime soon!

  7. Love the sentiments in this set and the multi-colored powders, those last ones are killer!

  8. So simple yet simply lovely, Kelly. Sometimes a big bold sentiment is all you need when it shines.


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